Monday, June 14, 2010


We've been having a lot of visitors here, the last week.  As you know, the deer are frequent, DAILY.  These babies are getting bigger.  They're in the back yard every day. 

As you see, they're not afraid of humans.  They came up to see what I was doing.  I'd stepped into the Tree Bed, to take a picture of the agave.

They hang out here a lot.  There is always seed on the ground under the feeders. 

This guy showed up on the front walk yesterday.

Not sure why he came to visit.  He didn't stay long.

This guy showed up in the evening, on the covered porch.  He's a Walking Stick.  According to my Texas Bug Book, he eats plants, but they don't do much damage...unless there are a lot of them.  We'll keep a look out.  For now, he can stay.

Driftwood Estate Winery at sunset.
Our favorite visit, hands down, was our friend Jann, from Georgia.  She was in Austin, for her granddaughter's high school graduation, and stayed with us for a few days, afterward.

It's been a fun week.  Hope your week, was just as much fun.


  1. I saw the first set of twins today too. Just love them when they are outside the wall. Aren't we lucky to have nature around us? Now that looks like a nice place with a nice view to sip a glass of wine.

  2. Oh my word. Kind of them to let you live in their turf.

    We have a neighborhood doe with twin fawns too. I know I should stamp and shout when she brings them to eat birdseed but they're so cute and they're only babies. And when they grow up, they'll know to come eat my birdseed; and anything else along the way.

    Still, it's hard to scare a baby...

  3. It is fun, to watch the babies. They're like big puppies.
    The big ones are pretty, too.

    If only they wouldn't eat all our plants.

    Oh well...we knew they were here, when we bought the place.


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