Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloomday...June 2010

Salvia greggii

Here we are, at June, already.  This year is speeding by, fast.

Bloomday, is the day that gardeners around the world, show what is blooming in their gardens.  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden, for hosting Bloomday.

Daylily...'So Lovely'

Things are finally beginning to bloom, here at Patchwork Garden.  The daylilies are a bit behind last year.

Daylily...'Pink Playmate'

I'm not sure if they're late because I moved them this spring, or not enough sun.
Or, both.

Daylily...'Miss Tinkerbell'

But, better late, than never.

Salvia coccinea...Coral

Salvia...'Indigo Sprires'

I have serveral salvias.  They're great for our hot and dry area.  And, many of them are actually DEER RESISTANT.  That puts them on my Favorite Plants List.

Butterfly Weed...Asclepiadaceae tuberosa

This Butterfly Weed is in the Tree Bed.  Not many flowers right now.  I'm wondering if some have been chomped....hmmmm...

yellow Calibrachoa

pink Calibracoa

I like the little, petunia-type flowers of Calibracoa.  The pink one is a Mother's Day gift from last year.  It made it through the heat last summer and the cold last winter...a real keeper.

Speaking of Mother's Day gifts....this cedar box, planted with Autumn Fern, and Impatiens, was this year's gift.  It's doing well, on the porch.

Plectanthus...'Mona Lavender'

This Plectanthus is from last year.  It lived inside, during the winter.

It's just now beginning to show off.

Cleome...'Senorita Rosalita'

This 'Senorita', has been showing off, ever since she arrived here.

The Plumbago is beginning to put on quite a few blooms.  It might like more sun, but so far, so good.

The Ruby Chrystal grass, looks like it might be throwing some seeds.  That's fine with me.  I'd like more of these.  It's outside the fence....no deer damage.

The Shasta Daisy is beginning it's bloom.

There are several different Wax Begonias around.  This one is a basket, high over the deer's heads.

And, lots of these Periwinkle, around the garden.  The deer really don't seem to like them.  And, they don't mind the heat.  What more could I ask?

I don't know what this is.  It's what my mother would've called, a 'volunteer'....something that just shows up in the garden.  It's probably from some seed in the compost.  But, it's green, it has a nice yellow flower.....and it was FREE.

Last, but not least....there are several of these on the Fig tree.  As I understand it, this is the bloom, as well as the fruit.  There was ONE, last year.  It just fell off.  I'm hoping whatever has to happen to make this an edible fruit, happens this year.  Time will tell.

There is lots going on, here at Patchwork Garden.  This is one of the best months....before the REAL heat sets in.  That heat is coming...in fact, it just might be here, already.  Then, things will slow down, and just try to stay alive.  For now, we'll enjoy the blooms.

What's blooming in your garden?



  1. I enjoyed seeing your garden via these photos. I love plumbago but it doesn't thrive for me, it needs more sun. Hey, I wear funny hats and dig in the dirt, love your quote at the top of this blog.

  2. Beautiful flowers, particularly the daylilies. We have figs, too. DH is giving them oceans of water.


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