Monday, March 22, 2010

Riviera Maya

We just recently returned from a lovely week on the Riviera Maya.  Our friends, Jann and Al, who live in Georgia, invited us to go along with them, for a great trip.   We stayed at the Mayan Palace.  It's a beautiful part of a huge resort.  There is also the Grand Mayan, on the same grounds.  There are not just many rooms.   There are many buildings.

The grounds are lush and beautiful. 

The main pool, is huge.

It has areas for games and sunning.

And, not one....

...but, two, swim-up bars.

Interesting sculptures, decorate the resort.  This...the head of a serpent.

It winds it's way along the walkway.

Quite a long serpent.

Then, this little 'river' winds around to another pool.

The edge runs along a small lake.

Jann on swings.

The bar here, has swings for seats.

We wind our way around to the Grand Mayan.  These giant pots, with agaves, grace the entrance.

And, another lush, lovely pool.

Across a bridge, to an island. 

It's a tropical paradise.

The grounds are packed with beautiful, lush plants.

More plants, and the beach next.

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you.

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  1. What a beautiful place! I would have loved the pools, but probably would have spent a lot of time looking at all of the plants.....
    I wonder how carefully they need to prune the shrubs in the little island in the middle of the pool so that the clippings do not fall in?


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