Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

This has been a wild ride winter.

We've yo-yoed back and forth, from cold to hot,
and back to cold.

It's been confusing to our bodies,
and our gardens.

One day recently, the morning started at 28F degrees,
and ended at 88F degrees.

Really? Sixty degrees?


Shortly before that, we were below freezing for over 38 hours.

It turned the nice, focal-point agave above... this.

In fact, all of this same kind of agave...
I THINK it's Americana...
were turned to mush.

I trimmed it up.
Maybe it'll come back.  
I'm giving it a while to try.

The Bicolor Iris was burned back,
but I trimmed it, and it's coming back.

A lot of things burned back,
are already coming back.
Maybe to soon...

I'll wait a while to trim this Sago Palm.
Hopefully it'll come back.
It moved down here with us, so it should be huge.
These winters keep knocking it back.

I'm waiting on the Oleanders, too.
They'll come back.

We had some high, high winds a few weeks ago, too.
No big limbs down, but lots of small ones.
It sounded like someone throwing rocks on the roof.

We stayed under cover.

Then, there was the clean up.  There were several cart loads.

But, one good thing is this rosemary blooming for the first time.

Happy things and sad things.

Happy with our new great grandson.

Sad that we lost our neighbor across the street.

He fought the good fight, against cancer, knocking it back once.
But, this time it won.
He was one of the good guys.
He was 89.

Things go on...
in the garden, and in life.

I hope all is good, wherever you are.

Happy Gardening...


  1. You are so right. there will always be a little nugget of something good and it would seem that is all we need. Such a pity about the Agave. Mine are looking worse than when we had all that hail. Lots of sawing to do. Enjoy your new Grandson. I can't believe it and sorry for the loss of your neighbors.

    1. I discovered the most amazing agave pruning technique tonight...using a reciprocating saw. I am kicking myself for not having thought of it before now! I used an extra long blade for wood with nails and it took no time at all. (Just make sure you avoid cutting lengthwise through any fins....agave juice will spray everywhere, straight across the grain is no problem.)

  2. Yes, we have to take the bitter with the sweet. That's a lovely sunset you captured. I'm sorry for the loss of your neighbor friend.

  3. So sorry about your agaves. It's still a focal point, but maybe not how you intended! I'm pretty sure the bi-colors and the sagos will survive just fine. I'd be fine if winter were over today!


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