Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Seems, each month, 
I'm surprised the time had gone by so fast.
I should be used to it, by now.

We made it through a Halloween,
without a flood.
So, I'm smiling today...even though we do need rain.

So...what have we been up to?

Well, mostly this....

It's Fall Leaf Season.
Or, more accurately, Fall SEED Season.

See all those seeds?
They're Cedar Elms.
The best germinating seeds ever!
At least 85%.
And, each one will be a little Cedar Elm tree,
if it falls onto soil.

I try to keep as many as possible out of the soil.
Come spring, I'll be out there pulling them all up.

So, every day is seed clean up day.
Next...when the seeds are done...every day,
will be LEAF clean up day.

Such fun.
But, we can at least use the seed-free leaves for mulch.

And, of course...there is always fun with deer.

They took the core out of the Spanish Dagger Yucca.
There is a REASON this is called a dagger.

Sorry to be mean, 
but I hope it really hurt.

There's already a new center growing back, though.

So, on a happier note...

the Big Muhly has really taken off, this year.

And, the Gulf Muhly is trying hard.

They're both really pretty, with the sun shining through. 

Oh, and we went to Oregon.
Tell you about that next time.

Hope your November is starting out good.  

Happy Gardening...

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  1. It is hard to believe it is November already! My Big Muhly is looking stunning as well, though not as established as yours.


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