Sunday, December 14, 2014

Light Up the Night...

Yesterday was our Annual Family Christmas Party.
The day we get together with my nieces, their families,
and their dad & step-mother.

It's a good time to catch up with those members we don't 
see very often.

And, meet any new members, we haven't had a chance to meet before.

This year, it was in Granbury, at my niece's home.

We traveled on Hwy. 281, and came right by Johnson City on our way home.
Their light display is a good one.

The courthouse is lit on all four sides.

There are lots of light displays.
Santa here, in a covered wagon.

 The shops and restaurants around the square, get in on the action.

There is music, and you can get a ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor,
or the regular house and carriage.

A couple blocks south of the square, the
Pedernales Electric Co-op Headquarters,
puts on quite a light show.

I don't usually like just blue lights, but this is amazing.

Now THOSE are lights.

If you're in the area, it's worth the stop.

I gotta go finish up the decorations....and, wrap some gifts.
I get slower every year.

Hope you're enjoying the season.

Happy Gardening...


  1. So nice thave a special family Christmas party for the members you don´t see so often, must have been great to see everybody, especially the little new one. And then the lights, it looks amazing.......

  2. Aww - what a cute little guy - you all must be quite proud. Thanks for sharing those scenic holiday lights - I suppose the electric co-op isn't worried about how they'll pay their energy bill!

  3. Oh my!!! Those Christmas light displays are beyond beautiful. The blue lights are spectacular. You captured some great photos..

    I'm sending you wishes for the happiest of holidays with your family--

  4. I just love those Johnson City lights -- so incredible! I hope to make it back out there myself this Xmas. And what a sweet baby you got to meet too.

  5. So pretty! I have not seen them in a few years but always worth the trip!

  6. Slower?! ha! I haven't even started yet!

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