Monday, November 17, 2014

November Foliage Follow-Up.....

Here we are in the MIDDLE of 

Wow....time is flying by.

Time to join 
Pam at Digging,
for Foliage Follow-Up.

It's pretty much the same old, same old here.
Agaves, yucca, cactus....

We did get a couple new Mediterranean Palms,
and got them planted before the Arctic Blast.
(one in front bed, just right of right side tree)

And, I moved some Red Yucca from beside that Rosemary,
to fill in where the deer had made a mess of the
Color Guard Yucca.

I potted up two of them for the Fenced Yard, and caged the third one in the Back Bed.

They had chomped and pulled them up, over & over.
They did a job on them....grrrrr.

It looks better now.
And, since the deer have left that Red Yucca alone so far,
maybe we're safe.
For a while.....

At least they haven't eaten the metal Prickly Pear.

They did try to eat the 'silk' chrysanthemums on the front porch.

Yes folks, I've resorted to FAKE flowers on the porch.
And, the deer even tried them.

If you want to see more Foliage Follow-Up,
be sure to visit Pam.

Happy Gardening...


  1. dang, those deer are hungry if they're even trying the fake flowers. ;)

  2. Man, that's discouraging. I'm kind of surprised the deer don't sample the pumpkins! I wonder, have you tried sotol in the deer area? They sometimes antler or nip my yuccas and agaves, but they've so far left the sotols alone.

    1. I was going to put a sotol in that spot. But, I had the red yucca, and the palm should spread out in the area where the yucca used to be.
      There's another good place for a sotol, though. The deer do seem to leave them alone....even here.

  3. It's funny how deer in different areas can develop a fancy for different plants. But none of the deer here bother sotol either that I can tell, so perhaps that can go on the safe list area-wide. I'm a little surprised one went for a silk flower - I always thought they were working a lot by scent but obviously the sight of what they like to eat overruled whatever scent was missing.

  4. Hi Linda! I didn't know deer likes yucca! Color Guard Yucca is a very attractive plant and it hurts to see what they did to yours! Ouch!

  5. Those deer need to meet one of those elusive mountain lions I hear about on the outskirts of Austin. Assuming they don't go after cats, too.

    I always like looking under your oaks, but the basket w/ pumpkins is a great touch! And congrats to your burnt orange team's performance these last couple weeks - that must cheer you up some.

  6. What a mess they made of your color guard yucca. I think I would have wept. I'm wondering if you ever saw that listing by the 'deer lady' which suggested ways to garden with deer by interspersing plants they like with plants they don't like. You may just say, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard all that. As to the silk flowers, maybe put a few of those in your beds and they will get the message there is nothing to eat here.


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