Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Different Foliage Follow-Up.... usual.
But, thought I'd join 
Pam at Digging,
for Foliage Follow-up.

Since I have the same old, same old....
chomped yucca, agaves, etc...
and, I know you're tired of hearing my
whining about the deer, the drought, my disappointment
with my garden,
I'll take you way north.

Last month, we were in
Glacier National Park,
in Montana.

It's a beautiful place anytime.
But, we were lucky enough to be there in Autumn.


Happy Gardening...


  1. That place is on my bucket list, Linda. You enjoyed some especially beautiful views by going in the fall. Thanks for sharing them for Foliage Follow-Up. And feel free to whine about the deer and drought whenever you need to. Those of us with similar conditions definitely feel your pain.

  2. Wow wow wow. What gorgeous shots! I honestly could feel the chill in the air just by looking. The timing of your trip was just right for some peak viewing - in every sense of that word. Thanks for sharing with us.

    PS: Whining is allowed when you are mourning the loss of plants to drought and/or deer. The gap between our vision of what could be and the reality of what is deserves to be observed and in some cases, grieved!

  3. Perfect scenes, and much steeper or more rugged of mountains than what I grew up near to, to the west of Denver. My parents always talked about Glacier and Banff, when they lived in Montana...just before I surprised them! Maybe I can make it there one day...

  4. I loved my visit to Glacier NP. We were there in the spring many moons ago, so seeing your beautiful fall pics is a real treat. I would love to go back again some day!

  5. What beautiful scenery! Another place I need to get to - someday. I had to wonder - whose head was that sticking up out of the car in the 4th photo?

    1. Glacier is a beautiful place.
      The head and hands, are other riders on the Red Bus tour, we took. They take off the canvas top, so there is more viewing area.
      It's a great way to see the park.


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