Monday, January 14, 2013

Bloomday January 2013..Short & Sweet...

Every 15th of the month
Carol at May Dreams Garden,
asks us to show what is blooming in our gardens.

Well...we don't have much going on here.
We've had a few hard freezes.  Seems we live in a low spot.  
I joke we live in a hole....crammed in here with all those deer.
Even people on the other...higher..side of the fairway,
 don't get as cold as we do here at Patchwork Garden.

So, just a couple lonely little Cylamen, left from last winter, are blooming.

As you can see, they are short and sweet.......and, lonely.

If you want to see some gardens with much more to show, 
be sure the click on the link above.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Hi Linda....I'm new to blogging and have been looking for blogs that catch my eye. Your's stood out! My blog is also about gardens, birds and critters. Your "garden helper" is adorable. I have six "garden helpers" (I've done a post to introduce them.)I look forward to following your blog and I hope you check out mine too!

  2. Happy bloom day. At least the sun is shining on your flowers.

  3. LOVE the cyclamen:) This is my first year planting them in the ground. I usually just plant them in a pot and they never do well. Drainage issues maybe? How great they overwintered in your garden.

  4. Your cyclamen are bright and cheerful! It's pretty grim in my garden, also.

  5. So nice to meet another Texas blogger! I love cyclamen - that bright color is so cheerful when everything else is hidden away.


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