Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Man....Again...

I posted this in August of 2009.  That was another long, hot, dry summer.
I think it applies this year, again. 

We're already 37 days over 100.  Could break the record this time.
We're hot here.  But, most of us are prepared. 
Other areas of the country are suffering through hot and humid weather....without the help from the wonderful invention of this man. 

So....once again....


Who, you say, is this handsome gentleman?
His name was Willis Haviland Carrier. And, I want to thank him. He's known as the inventor of modern day air conditioning.
How on earth, did people survive this withering heat before air conditioning?
There are others who did some inventing of air conditioned air and refrigeration. But, this man was the most influential. He was awarded a patent for his invention...which he called "an apparatus for treating air"...way back in 1906. It was mostly used back then in large buildings, like banks and theaters.
But now, it's everywhere. And, we're ALL grateful to him for getting the ball rolling.
We're 58 days of over 100 degrees here in Central Texas (2009), and counting.
So, let's hear it for the man.
Thank you, Mr. Carrier. Thank you.

Stay cool.

Happy Gardening...


  1. My husbands grandmother is a native Austinite (well she was, she's not with us now.) She said they used to hang out in the "front room" with the windows open in their slips and sprits themselves with the orchid sprayer then fan the water to keep cool...and drink plenty of lemonade! Sounds fun, but I'm glad we don't have to do it!

  2. LOL! He is indeed a hero this summer.I cannot image what you all are going through with so many hot days. Give us a week in the nineties here in Ohio and we are all complaining. LOL!

  3. As I was reading your husband was listening to the weather report and shouting...101, 102, 104, 104..ugh! Hear, hear to the man who invented the apparatus for treating air! 58 days, oh we need some relief. I do see clouds in the sky today. Stay cool indoors:)
    P.S. Maggie is such a cute garden helper. I just saw her photo on your side-bar.

  4. I can remember living through a terrible summer without AC. Wouldn't want to do it now. Great idea to give him a moment in the spotlight this impossible summer.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad it let you post! How weird it did not before- blogger error I am sure, I do run into those time to time....
    I am laughing- I was having this very discussion with my friend that lives in Houston the other day- Now I can tell her who in fact did invent "an apparatus for treating air". Love it. Yes, kudos to him for sure.


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